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Women’s wellness

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Women’s wellness

Women's wellbeing is a holistic approach. It is the balance between mental and physical health, body fitness, and overall wellbeing. 

  • Diet - This is an important aspect when it comes to women's wellness. Wellness without the right diet is impossible. Include a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, cut off the fat, and heavy food or gluten products like bread, pasta, and flour. Sugar content should be minimized as it can increase the glucose level. Jaggery or honey as a healthy alternative.
  • Bone health- As women get old the bones start to get week rapidly. Later in life, they can have osteoporosis. Vitamin D nutrient is very important in preventing bone degeneration. Go for a bone density scan and do weight-bearing exercises.
  • PCOD and hormonal imbalance- In the contemporary sedentary lifestyle due to poor sitting posture, diet, lack of physical activity women develop cysts or tumours in their ovaries due to which many women develop the condition of PCOD, polycystic ovarian syndrome. This causes irregular periods and hormonal imbalance. The right way to treat is through doctor-prescribed consumption of contraceptive pills along with other medicines. Also, a fat-free diet and active lifestyle are a must.
  • Thyroid- In case the thyroid gland produces more hormones it’s a condition called hyperthyroidism and in case it is less it is known as hyperthyroidism. In females, the thyroid makes them fatigued, have dry skin, constipation, weak muscles, and many more. Doctors usually prescribe thyroxin medicine and control the hormone through various dosages. 

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