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Tongue and salivary gland surgery

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Tongue and salivary gland surgery

For several individuals with salivary gland tumors, surgery conducted by a specialist in head and neck procedures is the principal treatment. Your surgeon may prescribe radiation therapy, drug treatment, or a mixture of the two depending on the features and stage of the tumor. Dental care, Reconstructive surgery, and rehabilitation may also be a component of your care program.

Parotidectomy is the name of the surgery used to remove a mild or cancerous tumor in the parotid glands. This procedure needs special care and expertise on the part of your medical team as the facial nerve and other tissues are nearby.

Healing from salivary gland surgery depends on individuals. Recovery time after surgery can vary anyplace from a few weeks to an even few months.

In case you have a tumor in the tongue or tongue cancer, then that case surgery is required. For tongue surgery, the entire episode and post-operative form depend on the severity of the condition. In extremely severe cases, the entire tongue can be removed. The post-operation phase of tongue surgery can be painful. 

Sublingual salivary gland operation can make your tongue numbed. This is made by bruising and inflammation in the area. This is unique and can be produced by injury to the lingual nerve. The area beneath your jaw may be painful for many days post-surgery. The area also may be somewhat inflated or damaged. It will take 7 to 15 days for the cut (incision) the surgeon made to recover.

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