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TMJ problems


TMJ problems

The jaw joint is also known as Temporal-Mandibular Joint is a very sensitive area and any problem occurring here is known as TMJ problems. One can apart from facing pain also go to depression and malnourishment due to this kind of problem. 

Cause and symptoms- TMJ dysfunction can be a form of arthritis or a dental procedure gone awry. Genetics may be to blame, while autoimmune diseases may also be the cause. The one sign where you will understand that the dysfunction is there is through the sharp pain sensation felt. The dull and aching pain is actually an indicator of your problem. However, persistent pain for a month requires immediate doctor's intervention.  Other symptoms to consider are chronic headaches, neck, shoulder, or back pain, facial pain, worn, chipping or cracked teeth add locking of the jaws. 

TMJ problems Treatment- Through a series of diagnostic tests, your dental specialist can help determine the cause of your TMJ discomfort, leading to the proper treatment. Neuromuscular approach is yet another treatment that does not involve wearing of braces or surgery. With advanced studies and the latest technology, dentists are able to assess your particular needs in regard to your disorder. Treatment can sometimes be as simple as corrective bite treatment with an orthotic that extends your teeth, alleviating your symptoms. Many a times your doctors might consider, reconstruction your entire jawline. This is a more permanent remedy. If you are experiencing any jaw discomfort of discomfort, immediately refer to a doctor.

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