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Sleep disturbance treatment

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Sleep disturbance treatment

A group of conditions that affects the sleeping ability on regular basis is called sleeping disorder. The sleeping disorder could be caused by a health issue or by too much stress. 

Many people experience sleeping disorder because of stress, hectic schedules and other outside factors. When these issues begin to happen regularly and affect the routine life it might indicate the sleeping disorder.

Different types of sleeping disorders

Insomnia: Insomnia is not being able to fall asleep or remaining asleep. It could be caused due to jet leg, stress and anxiety, hormones or digestion issues. Insomnia could be problematic to your overall health and potentially cause depression, difficulty concentrating, irritability, weight gain and other. 

Sleep apnea: It is known as pause in breathing while the sleep. It is a serious condition that causes body to take less oxygen. It could also make you wake up during the night. 

Parasomnias: it is a class of sleep disorder that causes abnormal movements and behavior while you sleep. It could result in sleepwalking, sleep talking, groaning, nightmares and more.

Treatment for sleeping disorder:

The medical treatment for sleeping disturbance is normal. Apart from medication slight changes in lifestyle can do miracle in sleeping disturbance issues. Adjustments in lifestyle could improve the quality of sleep greatly especially if it is done along with medical treatments. The changes you should consider are:

  • Add more vegetables and fish in your diet, and avoid or reduce consuming sugar. 
  • Do stretching and exercise regularly to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Make a regular sleeping schedule and stick to it.
  • Don’t drink too much water before bedtime.
  • Avoid or reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

When to seek our help?

If you have been experiencing trouble sleeping issue or sleeping disorder for long time, then you should see our doctors. 

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