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Pressure sore surgery

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Pressure sore surgery

A pressure sore, also recognized as a pressure ulcer or bedsore, is any damage to the skin that transpires when blood flow to the region is disturbed due to sitting or reclining in one area for a long time. In severe cases surgery is needed. 

In situations where surgery is needed, the principal objective is to enhance the look and cleanliness, and condition of the sore, as well as stopping and treating any infection that may be present. Reconstruction of the place may also be a viable surgical program. Reconstruction of an area affected by a pressure sore requires using some of the individual's muscle, and skin or other tissue to treat the wound. This can be an effective method because it serves as a support pad to the affected bone.

More severe sores will take a longer time to heal and will require to be managed by a healthcare provider. Your surgeon may require removing dead tissue, by a method known as debridement. This is frequently done with a scalpel, whirlpool bath, chemical solution, or bio surgery. Debridement is the curative removal of dead, infected, or damaged tissue to promote the restorative potential of the spare healthy tissue.

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