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Post Burn reconstruction surgery

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Post Burn reconstruction surgery

Burns can be very lethal and difficult. Burns not only cause massive wounds, but they also decrease the skin's elasticity in the injured area. In such situations, many times doctors recommend Post Burn reconstruction surgery. 

To decrease the size of the large scar, a reconstructive surgeon works on your skin. The surgeon precisely cuts off the former dead tissue and redesigns the previous surgery. This way, the scar shifts to be a smaller one and the visibility of it reduces. Skin grafts are pretty effective for burn cases.

 The surgical replacement of the damaged skin is first needed before the original skin graft takes place. The skin grafts reduce the course of treatment required and it enhances the role and appearance of the body which bears the skin graft. 

Skin grafts save many lives each year but they are indeed painful. While the pain of a severe burn is nearly impossible so is the damage it can create. Large open wounds are responsive to bacterial contaminations and if the body cannot control its temperature and hydration it will go into shock. For a mouth reconstruction, for instance, the surgeon would be needed to cut a graft in the skin layers that includes supportive cartilage tissue along it.

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