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Pneumonia Treatment

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Pneumonia Treatment

Pneumonia is usually a condition where an individual’s lungs undergo inflammation. It can be caused by different organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses with more than sixty thousand people in the United States dying from the illness each year. A bacterial pneumonia infection is usually treated with the help of antibiotics taken orally but if it turns life-threatening or dangerous, the individual would have to be put in a dispensary and given a prescription intravenously.

Also, Supplements work a pivotal role in efficient pneumonia treatment. They can help to increase your resistance and repair injured tissues. Some essential nutrients to use are vitamin A, C, zinc, B complex, selenium and essential fatty acids.

The standard medical treatment for bacterial infection pneumonia is antibiotic treatment. For fungal pneumonia, depending on the types of fungi spores, various antifungal medications will be chosen. The improvement after pneumonia can take months and salt treatment is the option, being natural and without any side-effects. The salt aerosol is well recognized for its fungicide/bactericide, hydrophilic and mucolytic properties, assisting in killing fungi and bacteria, making the mucus liquid, and eradicating obstacles in the entire respiratory system. These reducing swelling and makes breathing better.

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