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Photo facial


Photo facial

Healthy and attractive skin is important to people of all ages. One new exciting treatment which can help you with so many different skin conditions is a photo facial. Photo facials send light energy to carefully targeted sections of your face. This light triggers cell growth and the production of collagen, softening the appearance of aging skin, helping to repair marks or spots, and leaving you with fresh and healthier skin. A photo facial is more than a beauty treatment treating from moderate acne to aging from heredity to 

How Does A Photo Facial Work?

A photo facial is a cosmetic method done by an authorized dermatologist that enhances the health of your skin. Throughout the method, vibrations of non-laser light are implemented to your skin in a flow of differing wavelengths. This is termed as (IPL) that is Intense Pulse Light technology. This procedure produces minimal trouble and is perfectly safe. Through the form, you wear proper shielding glasses, and before the procedure starts a unique cooling gel is put on your face. You may encounter a slight warming feeling as the light affects your skin or a mild tingly effect; this is natural and not at all painful. 

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