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Permanent Pacemaker/AICD | CRT-D implantation

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Permanent Pacemaker/AICD | CRT-D implantation

When you suffer from electrical problems to the heart, the cardiologist may suggest the insertion of a pacemaker. It is fitted in the chest, below your collarbone to monitor regulate the slow rhythm. Cardiologists suggest placing the pacemaker to ensure your heartbeat does not slow down to dangerous levels. In most cases, the doctors suggest a pacemaker when you develop problems related to the heart’s electrical conduction system. 

AICD (Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) is another implantable device used to regulate heart rate. Doctors insert the device into the right ventricle to monitor heart rate. But, this device is different from a pacemaker as it can shock the heart to save your life when it starts detecting dangerous heart rhythm. It acts as a life savior when your heart starts to pump too fast. This can result in heart contraction before the ventricles fill with blood. It makes you susceptible to cardiac arrest or heart attack. AICD/ICD implantation can give a life-saving shock.

CRT refers to the effective treatment suggested for some individuals suffering from heart failure. CRT-D or cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator is the device capable of sending small electrical impulses to the lower chambers of your heart. When both lower chambers receive it, it helps them both beat in a synchronized manner. So, the device helps in boosting the heart’s ability to pump oxygen and blood to the body.

At Medisky, people with heart problems can seek assistance from the best and skilled cardiologists. Using the most-modern diagnostic tools and treatment techniques, cardiologists can offer ideal treatment for a high-quality life.

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