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Other oral and maxillofacial surgeries

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Other oral and maxillofacial surgeries

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a surgical practice focusing on reconstructive surgery of the face, the oral cavity, facial trauma surgery, mouth, and jaws, head and neck, as well as facial corrective surgery. This operation is the practice of dentistry that involves the analysis, surgical, and adjunctive therapy of conditions, injuries, and injuries affecting the aesthetic and functional aspects of the bone and delicate tissues of the maxillofacial and the oral region.

What do Oral and maxillofacial surgeons do?

They are prepared to diagnose and manage a broad spectrum of conditions, injuries, and deformities. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a regional specialist surgeon who treats the entire craniomaxillofacial complex: anatomical area of the face, mouth, jaws, and skull, head, and neck as well as associated structures. Depending upon the national jurisdiction, oral and maxillofacial surgery may require a qualification in medication, dentistry, or both. 

Maxillofacial surgery is a more high-level form of oral surgery. A maxillofacial surgeon can do everything that an oral surgeon can do, and much more besides. An oral and maxillofacial specialist holds a medical degree and has extended training in dental medicine. While an oral surgeon is incompetent to deliver the most advanced oral surgical procedures, there are no limitations on the kinds of dental surgery that a maxillofacial surgeon can work.

Other oral and maxillofacial surgeries include

·     Bite abnormality surgery (dysgnathia)

·     Facial surgery due to chronic facial pain

·     Cleft lip and/or palate surgery 

·     Bone-fused dental implants

·     Difficult tooth extractions

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