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Orthognathic surgery

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Orthognathic surgery

Are you thinking that having that perfect jaw or that beautiful smile is difficult? Not anymore. With Orthognathic surgery, this is very much possible now.  Orthognathic surgery is a form of surgery that is crucial for the development of one's face. Orthognathic surgery allows the proper functioning of both the mouth and jaw. These surgeries done are intended to improve misalignment of the jaw and cause the jaw to be properly fit. 

The Orthognathic surgery procedure provides the following added benefits: 

  • Facial features can be augmented
  • Misaligned jaw can be repositioned
  • Efficient improvement of the jaw function
  • Asymmetry between the lower and upper jaws can be adjusted
  • Proper meeting of the teeth is guaranteed

Orthognathic Jaw Surgery – time and treatment 

An adult post 18 years of age can undergo these procedures. The reason for this is between that below the age of 18 the jawline changes a lot and does not give the final form. It is only after post 18 that the permanent shape takes place. Depending on the severity of the case the surgeons will decide the mode of treatment. The surgery is usually done using internal mouth incisions to avoid external scarring. With the orthodontic treatment requiring 9 to 14 months, the entire surgery is likely to take several years to complete. It requires a great deal of planning by a multidisciplinary team. After the surgery, the jaw area remains swollen for few days and slight pain will pertain but it goes away with time.

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