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Oral Cancer treatment

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Oral Cancer treatment

Although this kind of cancer is very usual, Oral cancer can actually be fatal if not diagnosed and treated on time. These best way is to consult a specialist.Any irregular changes in the oral cavity should be marked and reported to the doctor.

Dentists look for sores or tissue discoloration, and other symptoms or indicators. If a dentist finds suspicious tissue, an oral brush biopsy is conducted to analyze the cells. To prevent oral cancer, people should consume a well-balanced diet. They should not smoke or use tobacco products or marijuana and should limit their alcohol consumption and see a dentist regularly. Limiting sun exposure is also recommended and when in the sun, a UV-A and B sun block should be worn on the skin and lips.

For oral cancer detection, X- Rays, MRI scan, endoscopy, CT scan and biopsy will be suggests by your doctor. Treatmentwill be based on the physical state and age of the patient, extent of infection and location of infection. Radiotherapy is a usual treatment method. Cancerous cells are killed by radiation here. 

For destroying cancerous cells, Chemotherapy is another mode of treatment that is commonly used. Anti-cancerous drugs are used to shrink the tumor and later on surgery is performed to remove the infection. Time period of treatment and the strength of the medicine are dependent on the extent of infection.

Excessive intake of alcohol and cigarettes etc. should be avoided. One should avoid chewing tobacco and choose healthy diets. 

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