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Mole or tag removal

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Mole or tag removal

Often your skin might have a small lump-like extension protruding out of the surface. These can be extremely time or the size of a pea or even bigger. These are moles or tags. The following procedures are used by our doctors or authorised dermatologist in our clinic.

  • Cryotherapy- This process involves freezing the growth with liquid nitrogen. Sometimes a bit of discoloration is noticed in the area from where the mole or tag is removed.
  • Cauterization- This procedure involves using electric currents to burn off the skin tag. In this the professional burns the mole and it falls off. The area remains red for some days. 
  • Excision- This treatment is a clinical method that involves invasive process like using a scissors or scalpel to cut off the growth. The area that is operated under goes local anaesthesia. Usually doctors apply a coolant gel that has a numbing effect on the area. Some cases exhibit slight pain or bleeding but however when there are multiple growth the numbing cream comes in effect. 

Although this is an extremely rare case that has been found in abnormal skin tags, atypically shaped or larger growths should be examined under a microscope by a pathologist to rule out cancer.


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