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Management of precancerous lesion

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Management of precancerous lesion

A precancerous lesion is a compilation from the body's organs, made up of cells that may seem and resemble to be identical to cancer cells, but may not have the characteristics of cancer cells that enable them to cut through the surface layers of the organ they come from and grow (or “metastasize”) to other organs. 

Getting the news that you have a precancerous lesion can create much confusion and anxiety. Generally, inquiries will emerge as to the uncertainties of getting a “cancerous” lesion, whether surgery is needed, and, if necessary, what treatment alternatives are suitable.

It’s essential to keep in mind that precancerous lesions can be located almost everywhere in the body and that early detection is one of the most important parts of curing cancer. Nevertheless, in some cases, doctors can detect cancer so early that it is related to a “precancerous” lesion or a “Stage 0” cancer

Treatment of precancerous lesions

Treatment can vary from just watching the patient intimately, having a minor operation, beginning a medication that assists in stopping the growth, or perhaps a significant surgery. Each organ is distinctive in how we handle these “precancer” lesions, so each patient requires engaging with a professional in this field to come up with a program to follow up and treat. In some cases, it may also be a warning that family members require to be monitored as well.

It is advisable to ask our experts what follow-ups are required and how frequently.

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