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Management Of Fascial Space Infection Rhinoplasty

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Management Of Fascial Space Infection Rhinoplasty

Before knowing about fascial space infection, you need to know the meaning of fascial space. It is the space existing between the organs and the fascia surrounding these organs. In healthy people, such spaces do not exist. But, not everyone is lucky. Some have these spaces, which may not bother them until an infection develops. Due to the infection of the structure attached to the fascia, these spaces tend to open up. It usually occurs when the infection spreads and results in the accumulation of pus. Such infections are termed fascial space infections. What happens when a person develops such an infection? It can cause severe discomfort and pain.

At Medisky, expert maxillofacial surgeons with expertise offer prompt surgical treatment to deal with the condition and prevent any complications. The surgeon treats the problem with incision and drainage. Antibiotic therapy is also followed to help the patients recover from the condition early without any chance to develop fatal complications. The surgeons offer the right therapy needed after sending the drained pus for culture sensitivity examination. The doctors diagnose any underlying serious condition in the patients and offer appropriate treatment to manage the problem without any unwanted consequences. Get in touch with the maxillofacial surgery depart today to know more about it.

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