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Management of cleft lip & palate

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Management of cleft lip & palate

The cleft lip & palate is a birth defect. This is a case of Congenital anomaly. It affects the palate and the upper portion of the lip. The condition distorts the look of the baby and also later in life, if not treated along with confidence and self-esteem issues the child may face problems with teething. Also, they face a lot of problems swallowing food. 

However, this condition can easily be treated. Be it in adults or infants Management of cleft lip & palate is possible. An adult with an oral ailment will be assessed to decide the particular surgery he will require. The adult will be counselled as well before any treatment about clefting, its condition, and its management. 

Its treatment, procedures, and surgeries are performed by a team of multidisciplinary specialists who are particularly involved and have an excellent expertise. The team will be compiled with oral and plastic surgeons, a paediatrician, a paediatric dentist, an orthodontist, an otolaryngologist (specializes in areas of the eyes, ear, and nose), a prosthodontist (tooth replacement expert), nutritionist, geneticist, and a psychologist.

Reconstructive surgery is the primary the treatment that works on managing this condition. However, there are nevertheless different ways to enhance the surgery procedures as well. The patient can opt to have revision surgery that incorporates finer sculpting of the affected area. In case the cleft is very extensive then many surgeons prefer doing bone grafting as well as a form of repair surgery.

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