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Keloid, scar management

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Keloid, scar management

Keloids surely are a distinctive set of the scar as they can slowly grow and cover an area outside the original bounds of the injury. They grow over the skin's surface, are often unevenly developed, and will enlarge slowly. They often appear flat, shiny, dome-shaped, and pinkish or purplish in colouring. They don't decrease as do other scars, making them a really tough type to manage and reduce.

There are several ways of keloid scar removal. Procedures cover surgeries that scour or remove the scar tissue, cortisone injections that help level the region, laser treatments that lessen redness, or the freezing off of scar tissue called cryotherapy. 

  • Cortisone Injections: These shots are given to the distressed area regularly until the ideal result is achieved. This encourages you to level the scarred area, but, this may also make areas redder by spurring the growth of more blood vessels.
  • Surgery: This option can be risky just because cutting a keloid can influence the development of a whole new keloid, which may be just as big or more prominent as compared to the one you're striving to reduce.
  • Laser Therapy: These procedures use pulsed-dye lasers that may be effective in smoothing keloids and driving them to look less red. These end up being costly as several therapies are usually needed and are not usually covered by insurance plans.
  • Cryotherapy: This sort of therapy completely freezes off the affected area with liquid nitrogen. This might smooth the keloid but additionally makes the area darker.

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