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Jaw cyst and tumor

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Jaw cyst and tumor

Jaw cyst and tumor occur in the delicate tissues of the mouth or jaw bone lesions. These tumors are normally not fatal but then they can aggravate causing enough pain and sometimes displacement of teeth. 

There are various kinds of Jaw cysts and tumors. The odontogenic and non-odontogenic cysts. The majority of jaw cysts are termed odontogenic cysts because they form from epithelium dental tissue, and as a consequence, they are extracted from non-odontogenic cysts. Non-odontogenic cysts may occur without or with inflammatory incentives and two instances of these are nasopalatine and nasolabial duct cysts.

To gather more knowledge about your jaw tumor or cyst, your physician may prescribe a CT scan or X-ray, or MRI. 

Treatment options – different kinds of treatment depend on the austerity of the state of your problem. Treatment of jaw tumors and cysts usually requires surgical care. In some instances, treatment may be curative therapy or a mixture of operation and curative therapy. While surgery, your physician eliminates your jaw cyst or tumor, which may involve removing nearby, tissue teeth, and jawbone, and transfers it to the lab for testing. A pathologist examines the removed tissue and reports are diagnosed during the system so that the surgeon can act on this data instantly. 

Other treatments may include:

  • Repair of the jawbone or other structures.
  • Medical therapy for certain types of jaw tumors and cysts.
  • Supportive care to help maintain your quality of life, including helping with nutrition, conversation, and eating, and replacements for missing teeth.

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