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Derma roller


Derma roller

Derma Roller promotes collagen growth in your skin. This is done by piercing the skin with the roller's micro-needles that only cause a little tickle, but still go deep enough to trigger the nerve endings responsible to start collagen production. This will result in a new layer of collagen all over your skin, then, this new layer which is created will thicken the skin and fill, or at least diminish its imperfections or uneven tone.

This treatment is effective in treating stretch marks as well. In a considerable time the deep marks are considerable lightened and thus the visible appearance also gets sublime. This treatment does not have any side effects. Just that the skin for some time becomes red where the derma rolling is done. After a day or two the redness vanishes and swelling if there was any.

As the derma roller is placed in the surface of the skin it pierces inside and promotes collagen built up. This in turn works as a skin tighter and results in enhanced and lighter looking skin.

Derma rolling is an effective treatment done by our professional. If you have any query, connect with us.

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