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Chemical Peel Treatment

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Chemical Peel Treatment

Dull skin can be a sign of ageing. If you want to have radiant, smooth and young skin, we can help you with this.  Our skin is able to shed older cells and generate new ones, but this capacity decreases as you grow older. Dead cells start accumulating on the outer layer of your skin and it looks patchy and dull. You can tackle this issue with us. 

At, Medisky Clinic, we treat uneven, patchy and dull skin with chemical peels. This is an effective treatment that improves skin’s appearance by removing old or dead skin. You can get smoother skin.

A chemical peel is made-up of chemical solutions that are applied to your face. It is peeled off once dry. This process is used to exfoliate your skin and rejuvenate it. 

Chemical peel:

Chemical peeling helps the skin to tear off and get fresh clear skin. If there are skin problems like wrinkles, acne, age spots or darkened area, or uneven skin tone then chemical peels are quite effective in treating these.

What does chemical peeling do?

Chemical peels can work for a mixture of facial skin problems such as decreasing open pores, blackheads as well as diminishing surface flaws such as chickenpox scars and imperfections. Peels can also assist in decreasing the uncertainties of acquiring skin cancer by eliminating precancerous tumours.

Types of peels- there are 3 peels. One that is done on the outer skin layer is mild. The second is a medium peel with deep chemical penetration. The third is the deeper chemical peeling that takes a long time to heal and penetrates layers under the skin to treat the problem. 

Results of Chemical peeling:

Chemical peeling is an affordable treatment option that makes the skin tighter, removes the dullness, and makes skin look lighter and younger. Over one session or few sessions as recommended by your doctor, chemical peels can work wonders and can be noticed visibly. 

For this process, our certified cosmetologist is the safest option!

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With around multiple disciplines under one roof, our specialists collaborate to ensure a clinically sound plan along with matching execution for a quick recovery.

Each clinical team comprises of members from various disciplines who collaborate and have close symbiotic relationships to ensure world-class service delivery.