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ASD/PDA Closure

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ASD/PDA Closure

ASD or atrial septal defect refers to the common congenital heart defect. It is the condition more frequently found in girls compared to boys. In layman’s terms, the condition develops due to the formation of a hole in the septum that separated the atria, the two upper chambers of the heart. Small atrial septal defects can close without any treatment. But, larger ones need medical intervention, or else it can lead to damage of the lungs and heart. The child can suffer greatly due to the severe form of ASD.

Similarly, PDA refers to another heart defect found at the birth of a child. Patent ductus arteriosus affects girl babies more. Due to the condition, the ductus arteriosus aiding the fetal blood circulation stays open even after the birth of the baby. It usually closes by itself once the baby starts to breathe. When it remains open, the lungs cannot handle extra blood leading to fluid buildup and other complications.

To address these congenital problems, you need to seek the assistance of the best pediatric heart surgeon. At Medisky, you get in touch with the expert and experienced heart surgeons who can perform an invasive procedure to insert a small device and close the opening caused by ASD or PDA. So, it can stop the blood flowing between the heart chambers in case of ASD or blood flow to the lungs in patients suffering from PDA. The experienced doctor makes the diagnosis to determine the apt medical treatment needed for the child to live a happy and long life.

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