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Advanced intervention - Biofeedback, Tdcs, Rtms, Mect

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  • Advanced intervention - Biofeedback, Tdcs, Rtms, Mect

Advanced intervention - Biofeedback, Tdcs, Rtms, Mect

Mental illness can affect anyone. While most people suffered from the distressing symptoms associated with the condition due to the stigma associated with getting medical help, the perceptions have changed. People are getting medical assistance to manage mental health problems. Instead of conventional electroconvulsive therapy, Medisky offers different innovative brain therapies that can treat different types of mental disorders. Such therapies focus on stimulating the brain directly or indirectly. Here are some of the latest innovative therapies available:


It refers to the mind-body technique using auditory or visual feedback to manage involuntary bodily functions. By gaining control over such functions, patients can boost their physical, mental, and emotional health. With this advanced technique, people can manage any symptoms triggered due to mental issues better.

tDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation)

This neuromodulation therapy uses low direct current delivered constantly using electrodes on the heads. It is effective in managing neuropsychiatric conditions such as depression. It is an alternative therapy used instead of antidepressants as it can help increase brain activity without severe side effects.

rTMS (Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation)

It uses a magnet to stimulate the brain. This therapy is suggested for people suffering from anxiety, depression, psychosis, and other mental disorders.

mECT (Modified Electroconvulsive Therapy)

In some patients, traditional drug therapy may not work effectively. In such cases, modified electroconvulsive therapy is suggested. It can manage such drug-resistant psychiatric disorders.

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