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Patient Safety

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Patient Safety

We Care

At MEDISKY, it is not a reaction to COVID19, but since its inception, it’s a culture at MEDISKY to follow the most stringent Sterilization Protocols. 4 steps Sterilisation is MEDISKY process which differentiates MEDISKY Clinics from all other Clinic & Hospitals . A rigorous 4 step sterilisation process is followed after every patient to ensure 100% sterilization of Instruments and complete destruction of all viruses & Spores. We are also autoclave our drilling hand pieces and drill bits for enhanced safety of our patients.

Safety Equipments

During the time when the world is facing the Global Pandemic, nobody wants to venture out of their safety zone. The world will change, and we need to gear up and fight.

One way to do is ensuring we are in safest environment and that is exactly what medisky Dental will provide you with. Out of all the healthcare services dentistry is the one where the Doctor is in closest contact with the patient.

So, here’s the enhanced list of safety measures medisky Dental has adopted for combatting Covid-19 to ensure 100% sterile and safe environment for our Patients, Doctors & Staff.

Constant Fumigation Device (CFD)

Medisky clinic is fumigated regularly using Ultrasonic Humidifiers to ensure the clinics are free from all microbes like viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, algae, and their spores. These machines are in full compliance with European Directive LVD 2014/35/EU, has LCD Touch Screen and Four fog heads out of the mist (amt. of fog up to 1800 ml/Hr).

Constant Fumigation Device in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic
Formalin Disinfection Chamber in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic

Formalin Disinfection Chamber

Formalin or Formaldehyde is an effective chemical which is used to sterilize items and equipment which are prone to damage from Steam sterilization such as Autoclave. It has been used for sterilization of plastics, syringes, needles, small scissors, instruments, plaster models, impressions, or articles which cannot be autoclaved & used for external contact items only.

Disposable Gloves

Hands are properly sanitised and dried before donning gloves. A new pair of gloves is worn for every patient. Gloves are even changed if they appear to be contaminated during the treatment.

Disposable Gloves Use in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic
Face Masks Use in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic

Face Masks

They work as protective shields and prevents splatters and aerosols from getting into contact with the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. N95/KN95 masks along with 3 ply Surgical Masks are used basis the type of treatment being done. Even the patients are given face masks in case they are not carrying their own.

Protective Eyewear

Protective eyewear is worn by doctors whenever there is a possibility that a patient’s body fluids may splash or spray onto the face/eyes or an aerosol is being formed. Protective Eyewear is sanitised/sterilised after every use.

Protective Eyewear Use in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic
Face Shields Use in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic

Face Shields

Face shields are used in conjunction with the face masks and provide extra protection from the spread of aerosol if any. Face Shields are also sanitised/sterilised after every use.

Protective Clothing

Protective clothing such as Scrubs prevent contamination of underlying clothing and protects from exposure to blood and body substances. Scrubs are worn by all Doctors throughout the day. They are then washed later in the evening.

Protective Clothing Use in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic
Surgical Coverall Gowns Use in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic

Surgical Coverall/Gowns

Gowns are critical elements of the PPE since they are the second- most-used piece of PPE, following gloves. No dental procedure is taken up without donning the surgical gown.

Disposable Caps

Worn by Doctors and Dental Assistants throughout the day covering every inch of their hair. These are used in keeping aerosols from lodging on the hair, which may then be transferred to family members or onto inanimate objects.

Disposable Caps Use in Medisky Multispecialty Clinic
Our Process

Our Safety Process

Pouched and sealed, sterilised instruments are opened in front of every patient to show that we are doing the best in asepsis, and we take pride in this.

  • STEP - 1

    Dipping in disinfectant solution for minimum 30 minutes. Scrubbing & cleaning in running water and cleansing solution.

  • STEP - 2

    Cleansed in an Ultrasonic cleaner chamber. Dried and packaged in separate Sealed pouches.

  • STEP - 3

    Sterilized in ‘B+class’ Autoclave to ensure 100% sterilization following the sterilisation cycle.

  • STEP - 4

    Stored in UV Light storage cabinets, in the sterilisation room to maintain sterility of instruments till they are used.