Dental implants are currently the most advanced solution for treatment of missing/compromised tooth/teeth. Whether it’s a single tooth or the entire dentition, dental implants can provide you with complete replacement.

Dental implants as a preferred mode of treatment-

Young age patients

Where losing tooth/teeth at a young age with a lifetime to spend will need a more permanent and stable solution. Dental implants will provide long lasting treatment and minimum aftercare.

Older patients

Where losing multiple teeth poses great difficulty in chewing causing impaired overall health, implants and Implant supported dentures are fixed, giving the patient the most natural and effective bite.

Aesthetics and functionality

Aesthetics and functionality of dental implants is anyday superior to other treatment options. They feel almost second to your natural tooth/teeth by being placed directly into the bone, giving more tactile response on usage.

Dental implants as the only mode of treatment-

Lack of adjacent teeth

To replace the missing tooth/teeth leave us with the only treatment option of placing implants in the bone as the other forms require supporting teeth on either side.

Patients with gum diseases

Lose tooth/teeth at a rapid rate with early onset of disease. The progressive bone loss in the jaws can be arrested by placing dental implants.

Patients with limited dexterity

Patients with limited dexterity for various pathological reasons, having lost tooth/teeth will require fixed dentures to avoid the cumbersome regular removal and cleaning.


If you are looking for best ways to replace your missing/compromised tooth/teeth, dental implants are the solution that are sturdy, almost feeling natural and the longest lasting with minimal care.

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