What is PRP therapy?

PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy is an age old method of treating wounds and injuries of muscles, tendons and ligament tears as it speeds up and aids the healing process.

Lately it’s usage is seen in other areas of medical treatments such as aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

How is it done?

PRP is derived from calibrated centrifuging of the patient’s own blood sample. The platelet rich plasma is then extracted and injected into the affected area. The PRP so derived is rich in excellent growth factors.

PRP for Hair

Hair loss that occurs due to multiple reasons like age, certain medical treatments, hormonal imbalances, androgenic alopecia( male pattern baldness) responds well to PRP therapy. It’s injected into the deeper layers of the scalp for promoting follicular growth and rejuvenate dead hair follicles.

PRP for Face

Facial skin rejuvenation and enhancement is achievable by doing PRP therapy. There’s a reduction and removal in wrinkles and fine lines that come with aging skin. Acne scars, melasma(hyperpigmentation),and dullness of facial skin are reduced/improved by the effect of PRP growth factors in increasing vascularity and collagen production naturally.

Post COVID Hair Fall

Covid recovered patients are frequently being seen with the issue of excessive hair fall. PRP therapy is producing excellent results in its reduction.


PRP therapy is a short, non surgical procedure with zero side effects as the patient’s own plasma is used for the therapy. The results are excellent with minimal concern.

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